Our Story

Make everyone able to live better through movement

Move better, Live better

MYO is founded by a group of physiotherapists, aim to provide a better care for the active living group. It is a place where physiotherapist, sports trainer and movement specialist working together to take care everyone engaging their active lifestyle without compensation of pain.

A team approach here ensure our clients proper on the way of rehabilitation, or getting fit in the way our body should be, getting better and functional.

We extended our belief to the community, working with different groups and teams, sharing our move better live better value to the community, creating joyful moment by get people moving, from mummy group, office group to the young ladies, let them feel better through being active with us.

Safeguarding sports lover is one of our focus, we provide the professional standard to our partners. From doing a full screening & assessment, incorporating injury prevention strategy, and enhance their performance with a more functional body with balanced fitness training, just aim get them stronger & able to play longer without getting injured. We have been horned to working with HK representative team, professional team & college team.